International Scientific Practical Congress
/ 2023
"Modern Technologies in Cataract, Refractive and Corneal Surgery"
October 5-7
  • Welcome speech
Currently, ophthalmology and in particular ophthalmic surgery is in demand without any doubt. It is one of the most significant and high-tech areas where scientific knowledge is updated every year as well as technological discoveries are made. The problems solved by the industry specialists are of high relevance and social significance. Cataracts and refractive errors are uppermost in the structure of morbidity. It means that we keep on searching for optimal approaches to the treatment of surgical eye pathologies.

I am very pleased to invite you to the 23d International Scientific Practical Conference "Modern Technologies in Cataract, Refractive and Corneal Surgery" held on October 5-7 in Moscow. This one-of-a-kind annual event attracts specialists from throughout our vast country, as it provides the opportunity to get the latest information about the up-to-date developments in the eye surgery. You will get to learn the skills of renowned surgeons using modern surgical techniques and surgical equipment. Medical practitioners – both young and experienced – can share opinions, communicate behind the scenes and, of course, gain knowledge-on-demand applicable in practice.

During three days of the Congress, not only interesting reports, but many other events: clinical discussions, round tables, vivacious discussions and "live surgery" sections will be held. There will be an exhibition of new equipment, implants, medicines and consumables from leading manufacturers, primarily local companies.

Dear colleagues, I look forward to seeing you among the participants of this important event! The #Cataract2023 Congress is an attention-getting holiday that gather together professionals striving to reach new heights.

See you soon in Moscow!
Dear Colleagues,
Dmitriy Gennadievich Arsyutov
General Director of the Eye Microsurgery Federal State Institution n.a. Acad. Svyatoslav Fedorov of the Russian Ministry of Health, Candidate of Science, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation
Dmitriy Gennadievich Arsyutov

It is a great pleasure for me to invite you to participate in the key event of the Russian ophthalmic surgery - the International Scientific Practical Congress "Modern Technologies in Cataract, Refractive and Corneal Surgery". This year we will gather to find out more about the latest achievements of ophthalmological science, discuss the most important practical issues and share experience with colleagues at one venue for the 23rd time.

The Congress program includes the topics concerned with surgical treatment of various pathologies: refractive errors, cataracts, aphakia and corneal diseases. We will discuss the complex issues of femtosecond laser surgery, intraocular vision correction, surgical treatment of ametropia in children, pharmacological support for cataract and keratorefractive surgery and many others.

The jewel in the crown of our event will be the Cornea Day and two sections of "live surgery" where we will present new interesting developments of local and foreign scientists to our participants. These include intraocular lenses, surgical systems and laser devices that can successfully cope with refractive errors and increase the precision of cataract surgery. Currently, a new class of artificial lenses has come to market, and we would like to develop possible clinical applications using the variety of clinical cases.

I am sure that our meeting will be held at the highest level once again and give many bright and positive emotions. The Congress will open up the opportunity for new discoveries, interesting acquaintances and friendly communication with colleagues.

We look forward to meeting you in Moscow! See you soon!
Dear Colleagues,
Boris Eduardovich Malyugin
Chairman of the Russian Ophthalmology Society
Deputy General Director for Science and Research
The Eye Microsurgery Federal State Institution n.a. Academician Svyatoslav Fedorov of the Russian Ministry of Health.
M.D., Professor,
RAS Corresponding member
Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation
Boris Eduardovich Malyugin
  • Main Topics of the Congress 2023
  • 1
    Live surgery for corneal pathology. Online streaming;
  • 2
    Specifics of cataract surgery in patients with concomitant corneal pathology;
  • 3
    Presentation and study of complicated clinical cases from the practice of a corneal surgeon;
  • 4
    Modern methods of studying the eyeball anterior segment;
  • 5
    Diagnosis, clinic, treatment of inflammatory pathology of the eye anterior segment;
  • 6
    Eye tissue banks and cellular technologies: fundamental and applied aspects;
  • 7
    Briefly about the important things: topical issues of transplantation and optical reconstructive surgery;
  • 8
    Issues of providing ophthalmological care to the patients with age-related and complicated cataracts;
  • 9
    Pharmacological support of cataract and keratorefractive surgery;
  • 10
    Multifocal and toric intraocular lenses;
  • 11
    Specifics of the cataract surgery and intraocular correction of aphakia in complicated cases;
  • 12
    Interactive study of complex clinical cases;
  • 13
    Femtosecond cataract surgery;
  • 14
    Specifics of ametropia correction in childhood;
  • 15
    Study of complex clinical cases from the practice of cataract, corneal and refractive surgeons;
  • 16
    Excimer laser refractive interventions: customized ablation, Femtosecond lasers for correction of refractive errors;
  • 17
    Expert committees on the development of clinical guidelines;
  • 18
    Clinical aberrometry in diagnosis and refractive surgery;
  • 19
    Correction of induced ametropia;
  • 20
    New equipment for cataract and refractive surgery;
  • 21
    Live surgery;
  • 22
    Clinical cases;
  • 23
    Inflammatory and infectious complications of cataract and corneal surgery;
  • 24
    Surgical approaches to complicated inflammatory diseases of the eyeball anterior segment;
  • 25
Congress Center
of the World Trade Center (WTC)

Address: Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya emb., 12, entrance No. 4